The Alabama is located at Level 1, 72 Liverpool St, Hobart, right in the centre of the CBD.

A taxi from the airport will set you back about $45. Alternatively, there’s a local shuttle bus called The Airporter. You can book the shuttle online or over the phone, or just jump on when you get off your flight. The trip costs $20 per person. It is our view that a taxi is worth the little bit extra if you are travelling with two people – it will take you directly, where as the shuttle stops at most hostels and hotels around the city, and takes a lot longer.

Our inner-city location means we don’t have any off-street guest parking, but unless you’re planning a larger trip through Tassie, you probably won’t need to drive while you’re here: the Alabama is walking distance from a range of excellent restaurants and bars, the Salamanca Markets, the MONA ferry, Farm Gate market, and the best coffee in Hobart. If you do have a car, street parking is available (with parking meters) or for off-street parking, the best for our location are Argyle Street Carpark or Vodafone Central. Argyle Street is slightly closer, you can enter via Woolworths just a few doors down from us. Vodafone is a short block away but has 24hour access and cheaper rates on the weekend. To compare rates and maps to suit your needs, check the links above.

Phone: 0499 987 698
Reception hours 8am – 9pm daily.

Stairway 400W