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We try and keep our environmental impact as low as possible and our use of plastics and packaging to an absolute minimum. In keeping with these principles you won’t find any plastic bottles or individual sachets of anything in your room. We sell good quality coffee and loose leaf tea in our lounge.

Our hotel soaps are from Corrynne’s Natural Soaps, a company whose ethos we admire.They are presented in a simple brown paper bag, not individually wrapped in plastic.

We do not use plastic straws in our bar, but serve drinks with stainless steel reusable straws (if requested).

There are water stations on each floor with filtered water, and glass water bottles you can take to your room.

Where possible we use a diluted mixture of eucalyptus oil and water for cleaning. Eucalyptus is a powerful cleaner and strong disinfectant and as a bonus the beautiful scent it gives off can be detected all through the hotel. It is a 100% natural product without any harmful chemicals.

Our tissues and toilet paper come from Who Gives a Crap, another company with a big heart. Half of their profits are donated to building toilets in countries that need them.

We have recently decided to cease providing take away coffee cups, due to the large amount of waste they contribute to. Guests are welcome to take coffee made in the lounge to their rooms, or bring a reusable coffee cup for coffee on the go.

When the weather is cold, our rooms have individual heaters on a timer allowing guests to control the heat in their room. Unoccupied rooms are not heated, contributing to less energy usage overall. (Public areas are always heated if the weather is cold, don’t worry!) The climate in Tasmania is rarely hot, air-conditioning is not needed here. Each room has a small but strong fan for use on the rare warm nights. The windows in all rooms can open, allowing for a cool breeze. Even in the middle of the city, the air is clean and fresh and it is perfectly safe to have a window open at night.


The bathrooms are down the hall from the rooms and shared with other guests. It is important to note there are no rooms with private bathrooms. If this is not your style, we understand, but please be aware of this before staying and/or reviewing. We ask that guests consider their fellow guests when using these facilities.

 Our building does not have an elevator and there are stairs to walk up. You will need to be able to carry your own luggage up the stairs.

We have good quality free wifi with a large individual data limit per device, there are no televisions.

As mentioned above, tea and coffee is available to purchase from the guest lounge but we do not have those items, or kettles in the rooms.

There are no cooking facilities at the hotel. Hobart is heaven for good food and produce, and our staff know all the top spots so we can point you in the right direction for the best start to your day.

Our inner city location means we have no on-site parking. Nearby parking information and rates can be found on the getting here page of our website.

We hope you enjoy your stay!